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Benefits of Social Bubble

A social bubble is a term for a group formed to limit the volume of social interaction.

A social bubble is a term for a group formed to limit the volume of social interaction. Besides being known as a social bubble, this phenomenon is often referred to as quaranteams or pods. Here are some of the benefits of having a social bubble.

1. Reduce Stress

The social bubble allows people in it to interact directly, including doing physical touch safely, because they both comply with existing health protocols. In the social bubble you can also exchange stories and get a good support system.

2. Overcoming Loneliness

With the social bubble, you can still interact with other people, without worrying about contracting Covid-19. That way, you no longer feel lonely.

3. Preventing Virus Transmission

If each group member is always disciplined in implementing the existing health protocols and always consistently limits gatherings with other people outside the social bubble, this will help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Social bubble that is done properly can be an effective way to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 while maintaining mental health. May we always be healthy and the pandemic will end soon. Healthy greetings!

Source: Alodokter

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