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Teach Children to Eat Alone

There are 5 strategies that parents can apply so that their children can learn to eat on their own

There are 5 strategies that parents can apply so that their children can learn to eat on their own, as reported by You Are Mom below:

1. Teach children to eat with their hands

The first step, you can give food that the child can hold, such as fruit. Then, you can help them cut the food before it is fed to their mouths. If you want to give your child something easy to eat, that's fine too.

2. Choose foods that are easy to digest

There are some foods that are easy for your little one to digest. They can eat pieces of fruit like bananas and mangoes. Then, cooked soft vegetables, such as carrots or pasta and chunks of cheese.

3. Give the child his favorite food

At this stage, you can try strategies for giving his favorite food. In this way, children will be easier and more enthusiastic to eat on their own. Yes, because the food you serve is very interesting for your little one.

4. Invite the children to eat together

Invite children to eat with the family. This activity can give him more motivation and attention. Eating with the family is an excellent opportunity for children to learn to eat on their own.

5. Put on a slabber child

When children eat alone, it will be messy. All you have to do is give him a slabber so that the child's clothes are safe from food stains. Then, don't scold your child when the food they eat is messy. Or, to make it more practical, put a placemat on the dining chair or on the table so that the leftovers are easier to clean.


Becoming Parent

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