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BNI Life Health Fund Solutions

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Health Insurance protection product that provides benefits of daily hospital inpatient compensation, surgical cost compensation, ICU inpatient compensation, hospital inpatient compensation caused by convict infections due to viruses and bacteria, death compensation, additional death compensation due to disease viral and bacterial infections, no claim bonus and online telemedical consultation.














Keunggulan Program

Affordable Premi

Affordable premium starting from IDR 70 thousand.

No Claim Bonus 25%

No Claim Bonus 25%.

Free Online Telemedical Consultation

Free Online Telemedical Consultation.

Manfaat Program

Daily Compensation for Hospitalization

Daily compensation for hospitalization due to illness and/or accident.

Surgical Fee Compensation

Surgical fee compensation per one period of hospitalization due to illness and/or accident.

ICU Hospitalization Compensation

ICU Hospitalization Compensation due to illness or accident.

Compensation for Hospital Inpatients
Compensation for hospital inpatients caused by infectious diseases due to viruses and bacteria
Compensation for Protection

Compensation for protection against infectious diseases due to viruses and bacteria.

Death Compensation

Death compensation.

Additional Compensation for Death due to Diseases

Additional compensation for death due to diseases due to virus and bacterial infections.

No Claim Bonus

The Insurer will pay the no claim bonus benefit of 25% (twenty-five percent) of the total premium that has been paid for 24 (twenty-four) consecutive months.

Online Tele Medical Consultation

The Insured will benefit from 24-hour online medical consultation services, according to the conditions provided by the Insurer.

Syarat Kepesertaan

Entry Age

Main Insured: 18 years - 59 years | Additional Insured : 6 months - 59 years | Policyholder : 18 years - 59 years

Maximum Coverage

64 years old.

Product Info

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