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Tips for Studying Success While Working

So that these two activities can go hand in hand, there are easy ways that you can apply. The following are tips for studying while working so that both can run smoothly.

Currently, many students are also working. You may be one of them. However, it is not uncommon for some complaints to be heard because work activities take up enough time to study or do college assignments.

So that these two activities can go hand in hand, there are easy ways that you can apply. The following are tips for studying while working so that both can run smoothly.

1. Set priorities

Setting priorities will help you carry out the two routines of study and work - EKRUT

The first thing you need to do is set a priority scale. Which is more important, work or college? Everyone has their own priorities, including you.

However, if you work with office hours in general, you can prioritize work. So, you can choose Saturday-Sunday lectures.

Meanwhile, if you study with regular hours, especially at a state university, then you have to adjust your working hours. The goal, of course, is to make your studies and work run smoothly.

2. Communication with the company

When working while studying, make sure the company is aware of this. Because, if you have to take UTS, UAS, as well as various guidance and thesis trials, the company can consider giving a dispensation.

Hopefully you don't need to take leave or even skip work which will eventually cut your salary, if you have made an agreement with the company from the start.

3. Set the time

When deciding to work while studying, make sure you can manage your time well. Don't let your class schedule clash with your work.

In addition, always finish work on time at the office. So, you can still have time every day to complete campus assignments.

4. Maintain college grades

Even while working, make sure your grades on campus are not problematic. Take all the quizzes and collect each assignment from the lecturer.

Don't be late to collect, or late to take the exam. Because, if your grades are problematic, then your college can be delayed. As a result, it takes longer to pass, right? If you don't graduate, the cost for college will also swell.

5. Maintain performance in the office

Your responsibilities as workers and students must be doubled. However, don't let this interfere with your performance and health. Complete every job from the office well. As much as possible, do not bring work home.

6. Take a break when you really need it

While studying while working, you definitely try to use every time as efficiently as possible. However, there are times when balancing school and work can be stressful.

When you face this, it never hurts to take time to rest. You can take time off from work and use it to exercise or rest. Use that time to restore freshness and focus as a provision to continue studying and working at the same time.


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