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This is the Limit of Normal Blood Sugar Levels and How to Maintain It.

Do you like sweets? Don't be careless, keep your blood sugar levels normal with the following natural ways, OK!

Blood sugar or glucose is an important element because it is the main source of energy that is distributed throughout the body. Glucose is generally obtained by eating foods that contain carbohydrates. 

In spreading energy throughout the body, glucose requires the help of insulin. Insulin also helps keep blood sugar levels normal. Therefore, it is important to keep blood sugar levels from being too high or low. Come on, see more information!


The Importance of Maintaining Blood Sugar

Although blood sugar is an important component in your body, too much or too low blood sugar is also not good. By having normal blood sugar levels, you automatically support the prevention of diabetes mellitus. In addition, people with or who have been diagnosed with blood sugar disease can be used as treatment.

Blood sugar levels in the body can fluctuate, up or down. This is driven by daily habits, such as food intake, activities that involve physical or exercise, side effects of drugs, and other factors. However, if blood sugar levels change drastically in a short time, then you need to be vigilant and start taking care of yourself, yes!

Limitation of Normal Blood Sugar Levels

In maintaining blood sugar levels in your body, it is important to know the limits of blood sugar levels. The following is the range of normal sugar levels that indicate prediabetes and diabetes, namely:

1. Fasting

Blood Sugar This blood sugar level is obtained during an examination after fasting or not eating for 8 hours, which is 70-99 mg/dL.

2. Blood Sugar After Meals

For normal blood sugar levels one to two hours after eating, it should be lower than 140 mg/dL.

3. Blood Sugar When

This blood sugar level is calculated based on the condition of the examination that can be done at any time or spontaneously, which must be lower than 200 mg/dL.

4. Blood Sugar Before Bed

Preferably, blood sugar levels measured before bed should be in the range of 100-140 mg/dL.

Natural Ways to Maintain Blood Sugar

Well, in keeping blood sugar within the normal range, there are several natural ways you can do, including:

1. Choose the Right Intake

This method is the most important thing to do because food intake greatly affects sugar levels in the blood. In this case, you should avoid containing high glycemic and cholesterol levels. In addition, you also need to limit foods with simple carbohydrates. 

However, you still have to maintain the balance of your intake, yes. So, do not let any nutritious intake you miss and do not eliminate a component.

2.Control the Portion of Eating

In addition to choosing the right nutritional intake, you need to control the portion of food in maintaining blood sugar. Some things you can do are eat small portions but often, pay attention to the composition of food intake, and eat slowly so that it is easily processed by the digestive system.

3. Expand Physical Activity

This method is also important in maintaining blood sugar levels. Physical activity, including exercise, can help the body's muscles take in more glucose which is then converted into energy. Thanks to this process, blood sugar will fall. However, if you are not allowed to exercise, you can be more active while moving in your daily life.

4. Manage Stress This

The method must also be done in maintaining blood sugar because excess stress can increase blood sugar by releasing the hormone cortisol, you know. In addition, people who experience stress tend to eat more sweet foods. So, when you experience stress, you need to know good stress management.

5. Adequate

Rest is also an important thing in maintaining blood sugar levels. Do not let you stay up late too, because this can interfere with the activation of insulin and make blood sugar levels rise. Because sleep is very important in balancing hormones and gathering energy. The ideal time to sleep is 7 to 9 hours per day.

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Stay Healthy

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