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The Importance of Self-Development During a Pandemic and Steps

Self-development during a pandemic is very important. Here are the types and benefits of self-development that you can feel during a pandemic.

Self-development activities play an important role in a person's survival, especially if it is carried out during a pandemic. It is undeniable, the pandemic limits the space for movement so that it is not uncommon to close many doors of opportunity, including in careers. By doing self-development, it can provide many benefits for you as well as open the door to new opportunities, you know. 

In addition, this process helps you to get to know yourself better, so you can determine which direction you want to go in the future. No more worrying or an identity crisis. Want to try? Come on, understand more about self-development and the steps!

What is Self-Development and What Are the Benefits?

Self-development or also known as self-development is an activity carried out by a person in increasing awareness about oneself, which can include desires, needs, potentials, to the skills possessed within oneself. This self-development process also includes changes to improvements made to improve self-quality.

Of course, a person will get a lot of benefits by doing self-development. Some of the main benefits that can be obtained from self-development include:

1. Forming the Best Version of Yourself

As the term implies, self-development can certainly lead a person to find the best version of himself. It also encourages an increase in one's self-esteem.

When reaching this process, a person will tend to be easier in making decisions in his life. In addition, someone will also be able to focus more on what they have now and use it for the future.

2. Giving Many Opportunities and Opportunities

Self-development can also bring new opportunities and opportunities, including in the field of work. The reason is, this activity can be said as 'preparation' to face many things, for example deepening skills to try their luck in a new field of work after the pandemic. The more mature the preparation, the more opportunities and opportunities that come.

3. Increasing Self-Motivation 

Increasing self-motivation is also a major benefit of self-development activities. By digging deeper into what is possessed in a person, making them more confident and persistent to take advantage of that potential. 

After successfully increasing motivation, someone will also find it easier to analyze their weaknesses and try to turn those weaknesses into strengths. This is done to improve performance to achieve something even higher.

Types of Self-Development That Can Be Done During a Pandemic

During a pandemic, activities tend to be limited and can only be done from home. Even so, you can still do several types of self-development that are certainly no less useful, namely:

1. Self-Evaluation

Well, self-evaluation is the most important and main thing to do. You can write down any habits you have in your daily life. Because you won't know what areas you need to improve, maintain, or enrich until you examine yourself. 

For example, you are often not focused on work. This is caused by your habit of often streaming movies until midnight so you experience fatigue in the morning. It is this habit that you must correct.

2. Learning New Things with Online Courses

Due to the pandemic, workshops and training have shifted and are held online. This of course can help those of you who want to improve or add skills new for yourself. Now, there are many platforms of learning that provide online courses, both free and paid. 

The topics raised are also very diverse, so you can choose according to your needs. Such as project management, finance, photography, Mandarin, and many more.

2. Follow Social Media with Relevant Topics

During your activities at home, of course, you use social media more often. In addition to interacting with friends, you can also use social media for self-development, you know. You can start with the following accounts that discuss the topics you're interested in. 

For example, if you want to enrich your knowledge in the field of finance, then you can follow media and influencers whose main topics are education and tips and tricks about finance. From there, your insight into the world of finance will be deeper.

3. Participation and Active in Webinars

Like workshops and training, seminars are also held online during the pandemic, which are better known as 'webinars' or web seminars. Many business entities and large institutions have held webinars, ranging from free to paid ones. 

In addition to adding insight, webinars can also be used for deeper self-development. Such as to train the courage to express opinions, skills in public speaking, and establish professional relationships (networking).

Self-development is indeed important for one's survival and is very suitable if it starts during a pandemic like now. From there, a person can get to know himself and his potential more deeply. However, protecting yourself and your future family with life insurance is no less important, you know. 

With the BNI Life Plan Multi-Protection, you get protection with a sum assured up to 200 times the basic premium, covering 117 critical illnesses as well as hospitalization and surgery for spouses and families. Come on, start developing yourself from now on and protect yourself with BNI Life Plan Multi-Protection!

Planning Your Future

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