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5 Benefits of Aromatherapy Diffusers to Improve Mood

The aromatherapy diffuser trend is quite rampant during the pandemic, because it provides many benefits, especially when working from home. Read more here!

At this time, many people are willing to do anything to create comfort while doing activities at home. One of the trends is using an aromatherapy diffuser. This tool is believed to be able to help create a different atmosphere and improve the mood when you are late when you work from home. Want to know more? Check out the explanation below!

Aromatherapy's Fame in thePeriod Work From Home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the start of theperiod work from home, all activities were carried out at home. Eits, although this mechanism of working from home brings many benefits, it is not uncommon for it to invite feelings of exhaustion and stress, you know!

In addition to diverting it from light exercise to playing favorite music, it turns out that the aromatherapy diffuser is also the choice of many people in creating a different working atmosphere from home. This is supported by the rapidly increasing sales of aromatherapy.

Reporting from, there was a massive increase in sales of essential oils around the world at the beginning of the pandemic. In addition, the basic ingredients of essential oils, namely essential oils, also experienced an increase in sales, including from Indonesia, causing an increase in export activities. 

Get to know what is aromatherapy diffusers and their 5 main benefits.

aromatherapy diffuser aromatherapy diffusers are believed to help increase productivity at work, you know. However, what does it mean and what are its benefits for the body?

An aromatherapy diffuser is a device that can treat water with aromatherapy liquid droplets, in this case, essential oils, to produce steam which is then spread into the room. This diffused steam also contains an aroma according to the type of essential oil that is put into the diffuser.

Well, inhaling aromatherapy turns out to bring 5 main benefits for the body, namely:

1. Improve Mood

One of the benefits of inhaling aromatherapy is to improve mood a bad. These activities can improve your mood, including by increasing your sense of happiness and self-satisfaction. 

2. Helps in Relaxation

Another benefit is that it helps you relax. This is because aromatherapy can create peace. In addition, aromatherapy can also help to relieve stress or pressure. Of course, it must be adjusted by choosing the type of aromatherapy that has a calming impression, yes.

3. Increase Focus and Concentration

Aromatherapy is also useful in increasing focus and concentration, you know. When you are working on a job or project that requires full concentration, you can try aromatherapy which smells quite strong. Well, a strong aroma can also make your morning fresher.

4. Streamlining Breathing

Streamlining breathing is also a benefit that can be felt from aromatherapy. Because installing an aromatherapy diffuser can clean the air circulation around you. This prevents allergies and flu, especially when the weather is bad. 

5.Improve the Quality of Sleep

Another benefit of aromatherapy is to improve the quality of rest, in this case, is sleep. Reporting from Sleep Health, sleeplessness is a major problem that many Americans complain about. Well, by choosing oil the right and calming, resting while inhaling aromatherapy can help achieve deep sleep.

Aromatherapy recommendations that are in high demand

Aromatherapy for diffusers or essential oils on the market consists of various types. Each type has different content and benefits for health. Here are 4 recommendations for aromatherapy that are most widely purchased and have many benefits:

1. Peppermint

As the name suggests, this oil has an impression of minty and slightly sweet, so it can be calming and refreshing. One of the benefits of oil peppermint is that it improves focus during activities. In addition, oil peppermint can also facilitate breathing and relieve nausea.

2. Lavender

Well, oil this one also has a calming effect. By dripping oil lavender an aromatherapy diffuser, it is believed that those who inhale it will feel calmer and even able to relieve emotions as well. In addition, lavender is also suitable for those who are experiencing headaches and sleep disorders.

3. Lemon

Oil Lemon gives an energetic and uplifting effect when inhaled. oil is Lemon also believed to provide energy while increasing focus, making it suitable for accompanying your work from home. In addition, oil can also improve blood circulation in the body.

4. This citrus

oil is known to have a refreshing effect thanks to the aroma of citrus it contains. Similar to lemon, oil is orange also suitable for use when working from home. The reason is, oil can increase enthusiasm and focus during activities. In addition, oil is orange also suitable for relieving stress.

Inhaling aromatherapy diffuser can bring many benefits to the body, especially during a pandemic, yes. In addition to using aromatherapy, you need to start protecting yourself and your family with the BNI Life Plan Multi-Protection. With BNI Life Plan Multi-Protection, get protection with sum assured up to 200 times the basic premium, cover 117 critical illnesses as well as hospitalization and surgery for couples and families. Come on, start doing extra protection with BNI Life Plan Multi-Protection!

Stay Healthy

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