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3 Groups of Pre-Employment Card Recipients

The Indonesian government has a program called the Pre-Employment Card.

The Indonesian government has a program called the Pre-Employment Card. This card will later be used for the people of Indonesia to ensure the continuity of the world of work as well as industry in Indonesia. Life Friend do you know who is entitled to receive this card?

Existing Workers

For those of you who are now working, you also qualify for the group that can receive this card. The main objective is to provide upskilling, which is a debriefing to be able to adapt to the current job market. Unmitigated, the Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri said this program will ensure that workers of productive age are not left behind with technology by providing important supplies in facing the demands of industry 4.0 which demands certain skills and expertise in the world of work.

Fresh Graduate

The point here is those who have just graduated from college. Whatever the field of study later, they will be equally entitled to receive this card because to enter the world of work, they need useful briefing and training so that they are more ready to enter the industry. If you have just graduated from high school, both high school (SMA) and vocational high school (SMK) then you can apply for this card.

Layoff Employee Also Get Pre-Employment Cards

Don't be sad for the victims of Termination of Employment (PHK), this card is also provided. Of course, the goal is to keep them with sufficient abilities and skills for the world of work. The victims of these layoffs will later be able to apply to other companies with additional capital with much better expertise. The Pre-Employment Card Program will be a solution for those who are confused after being laid off.


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